Would you want to party with your in-laws? No? What about your ex in-laws?

Divorcing Katy Perry doesn't seem to want to stop Russell Brand from partying with her parents Mary and Keith Hudson. Keith apparently still calls Russell every few weeks to check up on him and now that he's getting ready to throw a huge bash to celebrate 10 years of sobriety, Entertainmentwise is reporting that he invited both of them to his LA bash -- just not Katy!

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Russell's guest list for the lavish celebration will also includes family, close friends and people at the recovery center he attended in London. "Russell plans to celebrate with all the people who have helped him over the years. It’s his way of saying thank you to everyone who helped him get where he is today," said a source.

Because most of the people he wants there live in the UK, Russell is offering to fly everyone out to LA for the party and pay for all their expenses! We're sure Katy isn't loving the idea of her parents being there though.

Do you think it's appropriate for Russell to still have contact with Katy's parents?

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