Talk about bad timing. Taylor Swift just released her new album Red last Monday, which is filled with tracks about love and heartbreak. Well, Taylor’s week began with love and ended with heartbreak because reports are saying that she split from boyfriend Conor Kennedy!

“They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a source told Us Weekly. “It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.” Poor Taylor. Now what is she supposed to do with all those cute love songs on Red about Conor?

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“It’s been over a month since they’ve seen each other,” the source continued. “With her promotion for Red, she has no time off until the end of the year.” I mean, the breakup makes sense if that makes you feel better Tay. Plus, at least you'll get some good song material out of it. Too soon?

Now it might be kind of awkward while she continues her press tour, especially since one song on the album, Starlight, is about Conor’s grandmother. And let’s not forget the house she purchased in Connecticut… across the street from his grandmother as well. Was she just using Conor to get close to his elder or what?

Do you think this breakup is just another rumor or the real deal? And let’s be honest – she’ll be back in the dating game in no time. Who’s should be her next beau?

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