It seems that every year the pants that are in style seem to be getting a bit more bold and daring!

While the classic denim jean will probably never get old, we saw colored pants pop up last spring and carry over into the fall, but now a new trend is on the scene -- patterned pants! From floral, to tie-dye,  to animal print and even plaid, we're breaking down how celebs are spicing up their legwear with crazy patterns in this week's Style Study.

One note to keep in mind when testing out this trend -- keep the top half SOLID and simple! Most of the ladies we've rounded up go for sheer, button-downs matching one of the lesser prominent hues on the pants, but usually a plain black or white shirt can do the trick if you're stuck!

Jessica Alba

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Jessica manages to not draw too much attention to her floral-designed pants, with the pattern only a bit darker than the light denim material with her jeans. She can totally get away with layering her sheer, white button-down with a vest that matches her motorcycle boots, too!

Carly Rae Jepsen

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Carly Rae's pants are a lot more daring than Jessica's, with green-and-blue splattered onto the black, high-waisted style. Considering she's about to hop on a plane, we'll give her a pass on her messy look -- but the pants are pretty darn awesome and show us not to be afraid to rock a totally out-there and bold look.

Taylor Swift

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Comfy plaid shirts are a must have for fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking, but Taylor proves that plaid pants aren't so far fetched either! Let this be your inspiration -- you can totally wear these without looking like a lumberjack!

Click through the gallery to see other patterned styles of pants and let us know which is your favorite!

Are you feeling the patterned pants trend?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet