The singles keep on coming for Taylor Swift's upcoming album Red.

In the four weeks leading up to the album's release date on October 22, Taylor is releasing one promotional single each week that will be available on iTunes after a preview clip of it is played on Good Morning America. We're up to promotional single number three now and Taylor has chosen the country-dubstep track I Knew You Were Trouble. The track was released earlier today at midnight.

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In the absolute shock of the year, Taylor said on GMA that the song is about feeling bummed after being done wrong by a guy. "(It's about) being frustrated with yourself because here you are heartbroken and you knew when you first saw that person, you saw all these red flags and you just went for it anyway, so shame on me," she said.

Since the song was released a few hours ago, it's already knocked out Adele's Skyfall from the top of the iTunes charts! If you're looking to sing this in your car ASAP, head over here to get the full lyrics for the song.

What do you think of Taylor's new track?

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