This has to be a #CelebrityProblem if I ever heard of one.

Obviously since stars are all in the limelight together and see each other at award shows here and there, they are going to bond and friendships will be formed. Taylor Swift, being the likeable girl that she is, has a lot of famous friends in the industry, including Selena Gomez, Zac Efron and Emma Stone to name a few. But one downside to having all of these celebrities in your phone book: drunk dialing them! Yup, celebrities are just like us!

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Taylor chatted to The Sun about her pals and said Gwyneth Paltrow was the most impressive person she had in the phone. “But it means I have a strict rule that I don’t have my phone on me when I drink!” she revealed. Talk about liquid courage!

Going back to her BFF’s Selena and Emma, Tay admitted that they really don’t talk about the industry when they get together. “I have friends from all fields – people who are in school, actresses and singers. It’s surprising how we don’t talk shop,” she said. “You’d think we’d get together and discuss the stresses of fame but we actually just talk about boys like all the other girls. We don’t run through each other’s scripts or compare set lists.” See? Like I said – they’re just like us!

If you could have one celebrity best friend, who would it be? Would it be Taylor?

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