Shane West has to be one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. If you don’t believe me, I have no problem listing off the reasons why this 5’11 Louisiana boy is totally swoon-worthy. Making a name for himself as the bad boy gone good Landon in A Walk to Remember, he now makes us giddy every Friday in the CW’s Nikita.

In honor of the show’s season premiere tonight, we’re showing Shane’s life as the hot heartthrob to serious, but still incredibly good-looking actor in this week’s Hot Guy Friday.

At the Beginning…

In 1999, Shane landed the role of Eli Summer on ABC’s Once & Again. During the show’s three year run, he also captured the hearts of teen girls (and unashamed adult women) in 2002’s A Walk to Remember alongside Mandy Moore. We all dreamed to be the geeky, astronomy-loving Jamie and to have Shane punch a guy out in the lunch room in our honor.

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Actor & Singer = Total Package

To prove how even more talented Shane is, he’s the lead singer of the punk rock band Johnny Was. Think of this as a hidden talent because the band only really had minor success with the indie music scene.

Shane, Will You Be Our Boyfriend?

Shane has definitely dabbled in the romance department, making him the long-term relationship kind of guy. He dated Rachel Leigh Cook from 1997-1999 and Jenna Dewan Tatum from 2003-2005. Yes, that would now be Channing Tatum’s wife. With a few flings with Evan Rachel Wood and Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ daughter), the man is currently single (and hopefully looking for me).

From Hot Doctor to Straight-Up Badass

In 2004, he played hot Dr. Ray Barnett for five seasons of ER. After some smaller film and TV roles, he now hangs out with trained assassins on Nikita. Yup, he’s giving Ryan Gosling a run for his money as the man we would love to be saved by!

Shane, thank you for being the dream boat in our teens and well, a dream boat now. We'll always love you... and your face.

What’s your favorite Shane memory? Share with us in the comments section below!

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