Two divorces and a baby daddy later, Halle Berry still believes in love.

The actress swore off ever getting married after her recent split to Gabriel Aubry, but she said her current relationship with French actor Olivier Martinez is different and makes her feel more comfortable about giving marriage another shot, according to Huffington Post. “When I first met Olivier, there wasn’t the initial ‘I’m in love!’ It was something that grew more gradually -- and it feels more real because of that," said Halle. "[Marriage] is another one of those never-say-never things. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I won’t stop till I get it right!”

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So what's so different from Olivier than her other beaus? He's less of a tortured artist and more of a free spirit. “He’s silly, a clown, and very much the life of the party, which is good for someone like me,” she said. “Danny Downer ... been there, done that. Now I like Louie Lightfoot!”

One thing Halle doesn't like is the ongoing custody case between her and Gabriel over her four-year-old daughter, Nahla. It seems certain that the judge will award Halle primary custody, but it still remains unclear whether she will be able to relocate to Paris with her. The judge could make a final ruling on the case as soon as this week.

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