We're sincerely hoping this isn't becoming a trend.

Just a week after Justin Bieber lost his lunch onstage during the opening night of his tour, Gaga had a vom moment while performing last Saturday in Barcelona. Naturally, her incident was more dramatic and prolonged than the one Biebs had because she threw up four times! But in a true sign of what a consummate performer (and badass) Gaga is, she still kept on dancing and only paused to relieve herself when the moves called for her to put her head down!

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Unfortunately for Lady Gaga, the next day wasn't too much better for her. She flew to London to launch her perfume line and according to E! Online, was booed by fans for showing up an hour late and declining to pose for pictures on the red carpet.

The good news is that the Barcelona show was the end of the European leg of her world tour. She'll rest for about three weeks before kicking off the Latin America swing on October 26 in Mexico City, then head to Bogota on November 6 to begin an eight-city tour of South America.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's vomiting incident?

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