We have a feeling a lot more people would want to see the end result of Stephen Colbert's charity offer to Donald Trump than Obama's college and passport applications.

The Donald's "Obamashell" last Wednesday ended up being a gigantic bust that was nothing more than wild attention seeking from a self-serving, egomaniacal billionaire. And while you'd expect The Daily Show to tee off on it, it was The Colbert Report ended up getting the biggest and best dig on Donald's lame charity offer. In response, Stephen offered Donald $1 million to a charity of his choice if he did one simple thing.

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It turns out that Stephen had very similar stipulations to The Donald as well: the act needed to be completed to his satisfaction and by 5:00pm on Halloween. "Save the Children, Feed the Children, put the children on Child Apprentice, whatever you want. One million dollars!" promised Colbert.

Since being posted late last night, it's already reached 600,000 views and could very well surpass the 3.6 million views Trump's "major announcement" has received since Wednesday.

What do you think of Stephen's offer?

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central