Keeping up with a week's trending #hashtags, viral vids and ridiculous memes can be exhausting. I mean, really, how many GIFs of Mama June can you look at without risk of a seizure? Never you worry, Hollywire has sifted through the weirdest, funniest, adorablest (that's tots a word) viral hits of the week for your enjoyment! 

From kids singing Nicki Minaj to the most calming animal in the world, check out what's been buzzing around the internet over the last seven days.

1. Little Boy Sings Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show

An adorable three-year-old boy named Dustin wasn't allowed by his mom to sing Nicki Minaj songs -- even though he made it very clear he just wanted the clean version. The video went viral largely from Ellen playing it on her show and Dustin finally got his wish by singing Starships when she brought him on. Since being posted last Monday, it's gotten nearly 1.5 million views.

2. Introspective Pug

Who knew that pugs had such deep thoughts behind those sweet faces?

3. Christopher Walken Reads Honey Boo Boo

What's even more ridiculous than Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? Having legendary actor Christopher Walken read the dialogue from the show! Colin Farrell helps by "directing" the hilarious reading from the Oscar winning actor that's reached 930,000 views since being posted last Wednesday.

4. Oprah Is Responsible For Your Cold

We know the ratings for your network aren't great, but seriously? Not cool, Oprah. Not cool at all.

5. Pro Tennis Players Do Gangnam Style

Who knew the pro tennis tour was this much fun? Pro players Laura Robson and Genie Bouchard got some of the biggest names in the game to take part in the video that was shot from a tournament in Beijing. Once Niall from One Direction re-tweeted it, it's earned over 200,000 views in the last three days.

6. Make Your Own Paul Ryan Photoshoot

Were you amazed by the sheer d-baggery of the potential VP of the United States posing for Jersey Shore style workout photos? In TIME MAGAZINE no less?! Whether you were disgusted or turned on by the pics, Buzzfeed is now giving you the chance to make your own photo shoot with Paul and put him in a variety of settings.

7. Calming Manatee

Confirmed: Manatees are really, really calming. This new website features several memes each day of what might officially be the new coolest animal in the kingdom.

8. The Funniest Tweet of the Week

Sometimes a Kardashian needs to be put in her place. Enter Jenny Johnson. The hilarious writer has amassed over 270,000 Twitter followers and her razor-sharp tweets like this one often go viral in a heartbeat.

9. Internet Loser of the Week: Porn Star Look-a-Like Votes Romney

You know a video is bad when the dislike bar is at Courtney Stodden levels of unpopularity. This girl in a hooker outfit spends five minutes giving the least rational and coherent explanation ever as to why she's voting for Mitt Romney. "Go vote! I remember back when, it was like Ronald Reagan...or like, I don't know...Al Gore...someone did a Vote or Die slogan and, like, that was kind of liberal." In this week's most ironic moment, she then urges viewers to "get educated and inform yourself." The video has a 92 percent dislike rating as of today with over 1.2 million views. We're hoping this is satire, but based on her other videos, it looks like this girl is serious.

10. Internet Winner of the Week: Ninja Dodgeball

It's safe to say this didn't happen in any of the dodegball games you played in elementary school! During a local pick-up game last week, one of the competitors pulls off the most badass move ever to win the game for his team, spinning in the air ninja style to avoid getting hit with a ball and then launching a knock-out throw with his other hand! In the last week, the video has gotten more than seven million views!

What was your favorite viral moment of this week?

Photos courtesy of Buzzfeed, Memebase and YouTube