So Breaking Bad is one of the highest-rated shows on TV and Taylor Swift is the biggest star in the world. Put the two together and you get one extremely epic parody video called Breaking Swift: We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together.

I feel the need to warn you that just in case you haven’t caught up on seasons 4 and 5, there are some major spoilers in the video. But also, you might want to get watching those seasons anyways because they’re AH-MAZING!

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Mashing up Taylor’s song with BB storylines puts this parody in the running to becoming a viral video in now time. Aaron Paul even tweeted about it, writing, "I wish I could have been in this video so bad. Next time you guys do something like this let me know."

I love how they use Walt’s mannerism (his clinched fists talking talk to Jesse on the phone), Skylar chugging from the wine bottle, the chicken costume, etc. The only complaint? The crystal is green when it’s supposed to be blue! That’s just the Breaking Bad fanatic in me being picky. Overall, bravo!

What did you think about the Breaking Bad/Taylor parody? What parody mashup should they do next?