Happy Viral Video Friday!

Today we honor none other than our dearest boy band - One Direction! I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but they’re kind of running the music world right now and one of the best results of their world dominations have been the spectacular YouTube covers of their songs! And as a special treat – we have our three favorites just for you!  

Your host Chelsea Briggs presents the best in 1D covers in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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First up, we have the aborably “swaggy” MattBRaps! This kid is SO incredibly talented! And his cover of Live While We’re Young just goes to prove that you can have so much fun – even if you’re flying solo! Plus that rap in the middle is pretty epic…can we maybe get a collaboration with 1D? 

The ladies of Cimorelli showed off their pipes and put their own girl power spin on some of One Direction’s biggest hits. But our fave is their beach party video for One Thing! The gals channeled their inner boy band and proved that they definitely have that – well, you know, that one thing.

So we’ve had raps, we’ve had girl groups – now it’s time to switch it up completely with The Piano Guys’ cover of What Makes You Beautiful. Their instrumental take one 1D’s most popular song is absolutely beautiful, stripping the song down and focusing on the melodies.  Plus that whole five guys, one piano thing is pretty cool, right?!

So tell us, which artist did the best job covering 1D? And, dare I say it – did you like any of their renditions better than the original?!