When Tina Fey described Ryan Lochte’s upcoming guest starring role on 30 Rock as a “sex idiot,” we thought she was just finding a funny, off-the-cuff way to describe his character. But as it turns out, he is directly referred to as a “sex idiot” in the show!

True to 30 Rock’s style, the episode takes two things we know to be true — that Ryan Lochte is sexy, and also maybe not the brightest — and takes them to an absurd extreme, with guest star Nina Arianda claiming Ryan as her “sex idiot” to Alec Baldwin. (In such a way that makes us think Jack has a sex idiot of his own in the episode.)

This takes place just after Ryan has granted an old man’s request for his shirt, because of course Fey & co. were going to find a way to get the Olympic athlete to show off his swimmer's body.

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We can only assume that the rest of the episode will give Ryan the opportunity to wear even less clothing, and spout off even more dumb dialogue — plus, we wouldn't be surprised if there was a "peeing in the pool" gag somewhere in there, too. We have to give Ryan some kudos for being game — both in his willingness to be objectified, as well as allowing the 30 Rock writers to so mercilessly make fun of him. (Unless he's too much of a "sex idiot" to realize he's being mocked at all.)

Ryan's now the only guy we know that has both “Olympic gold medalist” and “sex idiot” on his resume. Tune in for the full episode on NBC October 18!

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