Are you okay, Matthew McConaughey?

This weekend the Paperboy star was photographed out and about with his family in Austin, dressing quite dapperly, but some might have been concerned about Matthew's skeletal new look. Just a few months after flaunting his body in Magic Mike, everybody's favorite nude bongo-player has dropped a whopping 30 pounds!

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But before you start sending him pamphlets on eating disorders, fret not — skinny Matthew's following in the footsteps of actors like Tom Hanks and Christian Bale, slimming down for a movie role.

The film is The Dallas Buyer's Club, the story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas man with AIDS who treated himself with illegal drugs from Mexico when the U.S. refused help. Woodroof's death (real-life spoiler alert!) will be shot first, hence the need for Matthew to whittle himself down to a toothpick now. He'll put the weight back on as filming progresses to play Woodroof in better health.


Until recently, Matthew was best known for roles in underwhelming Kate Hudson romcoms and the like, but this year, in films like Killer Joe, and The Paperboy, Magic Mike, he's taking on more serious dramatic roles (and ab-tastic roles) and even generating some Oscar buzz in the process. If none of his 2012 roles get him a nomination, it sure sounds like Dallas Buyer's Club could do the trick when the film is released next year.

How does Matthew look minus thirty pounds? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Photo Courtesy of FameFlynet