It’s hard to believe that Willow Smith has been whipping her hair back and forth for about two years now and she’s only 12-years-old! The girl has got some serious swag and it’s easy to see that all her hair flipping has caught on to plenty of people on YouTube and, surprisingly, no serious injuries occured. Speaking of swag, let's be honest -- Willow was carrying it way before Justin Bieber was.

In honor of her 12th birthday today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Whip My Hair covers. There’s dancing, singing, guitars and even a little Katy Perry thrown in for good measure.

Cover #1: Acoustic Whip My Hair Cover

Cover #2: Young Girls That Have More Swag Than We Do Cover

Cover #3: The Best On-Stage Hair Whipping Cover

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Cover #4: Best Homemade Music Video Cover

Cover #5: Best Celebrity Cover

Cover #6: Best Highly-Intense-Almost-Scary Choregraphy Cover

Cover #7: The Cutest/Most Original Cover

Cover #8: Best Ice Skating Cover

Which Willow cover is your favorite? Have you ever done a cover video?