This wasn't the way we would have said thank you, but then again, we're not part of the Lohan clan.

After some standard mother-daughter bonding of raging at a club until 4:00am yesterday morning, the night turned violent during a limo shouting match where Dina Lohan allegedly scratched LiLo's legs and police were called to the momager's home. However, Dina should have been on her best behavior because TMZ is reporting Lindsay bailed her home out of foreclosure -- to the tune of $40,000!

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Apparently, this isn't the first time Dina's home has faced foreclosure or required Lindsay to shell out money. Her home was on the chopping block until 2010 until she worked out a special payment agreement with the bank. The only problem? She needed Lindsay to make those payments! Lindsay has also been helping Dina pay for her kid brother's private school tuition.

It doesn't seem like Dina will be landing a job anytime soon to stop the financial bleeding. After what she's done to Lindsay, it's safe to say no one will be hiring her as a manager. Since then, she's been begging people to pay her for private phone conversations on Dial-A Star and giving slurry, woozy interviews on Dr. Phil.

What do you think of the Lindsay/Dina drama?

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