It’s Zac Efron’s 25th birthday! And now that he’s a quarter-century old, Zac is finally starting to deviate from the "sensitive hunk" roles he’s known for by getting down and dirty in The Paperboy.

Up until now, Zac has essentially played different variations on the same character — the Perfect Boyfriend. Sensitive, thoughtful, charismatic, all wrapped up in the body of Zac Efron. Every girl's dream and every boy that's not Zac Efron's nightmare. His career has seen a bit of singing, a little more dancing and a whole lot of love making, plus plenty of romantic moments where he always manage to get everything just right. It’s not just any guy who could pull this brand of wholesome sex appeal off — it’s only Zac Efron.

So celebrate his 25th with us and discover which of Zac’s Perfect Boyfriend roles is most ideally matched with you! But be warned — so much Zac in one place may cause swoon/fainting/crush seizures.

Perfect Boyfriend #1: Troy Bolton

The role: The star athlete and big man on campus in High School Musical, who falls for the brainiac new girl in school.

Why he’s perfect: He sings! He shoots hoops! He likes smart girls! What’s not to love? He's pretty much the perfect high school boyfriend you always dreamed of — you know, the one who could never possibly exist in real life? Yep, that's the one.

The only drawback: This being a Disney channel film, he’s also totally squeaky clean, so don’t expect any action beyond some tepid kissing, no matter how long you've been dating.


Perfect Boyfriend #2: Mike O’Donnell

The role: 17 Again’s younger version of Matthew Perry. (Not that you can buy Matthew ever looking like Zac...But we will for the sake of watching Zac on screen for 2 hours)

Why he’s perfect: The movie is about a 35-year-old man who gets to experience life as a teenager again, so he’ll be much more mature than your average adolescent male, with 20 extra years of experience in romance to draw from.

The only drawback: Well, he may look like Zac Efron, but technically, you’re still dating Matthew Perry.


Perfect Boyfriend #3: Richard Samuels

The role: Me And Orson Welles’ Richard, who gets cast in Orson Welles’ production of Julius Ceasar, and has a tempestuous love triangle with Orson and Claire Danes.

Why he’s perfect: Orson Welles is portrayed as a hardass, cheating on his pregnant wife, but Zac would never do such a thing! He cures all of Claire's woes with his good manners, and you know, with that face of his.

The only drawback: The movie takes place in 1937, so unless you have a time machine, you’ll be dating a 92-year-old Zac Efron. But on the bright side, hey — it’s still Zac Efron!


Perfect Boyfriend #4: Charlie St. Cloud

The role: Sailboat racer Charlie in Charlie St. Cloud.

Why he’s perfect: Even after his little brother dies in a car accident, Charlie keeps his promise to play baseball with the boy's spirit every day, so you know he’s good with kids. Plus, he’s got a boat! Plus, plus, those arms!

The only drawback: Do you really want to be with a guy who has to sneak off and play with his little brother’s ghost once a day? The spirit of a dead sibling popping up every so often could seriously kill the mood.


Perfect Boyfriend #5: Ted Wiggins

The role: A 12-year-old living in the tree-less town of Thneedville in The Lorax.

Why he’s perfect: Ted sets off on a quest to remind the citizens of Thneedville of the importance of nature, all to impress the girl he's got his eye on (voiced by Taylor Swift). If you're into environmental heroes, this may be your Zac.

The only drawback: He’s 12 and computer animated. So unless you're also a pixelated tween, you may want to go with a slightly more mature, human version.


Perfect Boyfriend #6: Logan Thibault

The role: A U.S. Marine searching for the woman whose photo saved his life in Iraq in The Lucky One.

Why he’s perfect: He’s a Marine, he’s devoted to his adorable German Shepherd, Zeus, and he is willing to walk all the way from Colorado to Louisiana just on the off-chance that he’ll find the girl of his dreams. (Which he does, of course.)

The only drawback: This might sound romantic now, but Zac is showing some clear signs of unhealthy obsession here, along with a keen knack for tracking a woman down. So if you ever have a bad breakup, be prepared for some stalking.


Perfect Boyfriend #7: Jack Jansen

The role: A champion swimmer who has been kicked out of college and now delivers the newspaper in The Paperboy.

Why he’s perfect: He’s not! Zac breaks his streak as the perfect boyfriend, allowing himself to be seduced by an extra-slutty femme fatale cougar played by Nicole Kidman. He's (finally) come a long way from High School Musical. If you're craving a slightly raunchier Zac, look no further.

The only drawback: He allows Nicole to pee on him after a jellyfish attack, so if that's not your thing, this Zac may be a little too naughty.


So which version of Zac is YOUR perfect boyfriend. Holler at us.