Boy Meets World met television audiences in 1993, starring Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, the titular boy, dealing with typical boy things like school, girls, and family. The primary focus of the show became his relationship with the spacey hippie Topanga (Danielle Fishel), who gradually dialed down her weirdness.

Now we get the news that these characters will be back in the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World, which will focus on Corey and Topanga's daughter, and hopefully will also see the return of most of the original cast. (It's not like they've been all that busy.) This news got us thinking about which of our other favorite 90's shows should get the reboot treatment.

Check out our ideas for five other shows that most need a return to television!

1. Fuller House

The Original: Three bachelors raising three girls all on their own ― and lots and lots of hugs, "aww"s, and lessons learned.

The Reboot: Whatever happened to predictability? Well, here’s your answer. The Tanner family still lives together under the same roof in San Francisco, but keep the first rule of sequels in mind ― bigger is better. DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky, and Alex all now have families of their own, with three children apiece, each with their own catchphrase. Now that his daughters are grown, Danny (Bob Saget) reveals himself to be the dirty old man he always was, creeping everyone out. Jesse’s beloved hair has fallen out, sending him spiraling into a breakdown, while Michelle discovers her long-lost twin, separated at birth (the two are played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course). New to the reboot: Tom Hanks provides a slam poetry version of the theme song, and with an ever-expanding cast of 56 family members, there are approximately 27 lessons learned, 64 hugs, and 129 "aww"s from the studio audience per episode... all intermixed with ensuing hilarity, of course.


2. The Fresh Princess of Philadelphia

The Original: Street-smart teen Will Smith (played, not coincidentally, by Will Smith) left West Philadelphia to live with his crazy rich auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

The Reboot: Whereas the Banks family flourished in the early 90’s, the recession hit them hard. A stock market crash wiped out their investments, and they downsize to a bungalow (a bungalow!!) in West LA. Will is laid off from his cushy job at a law firm, so he takes his daughter, Willow, back home to West Philadelphia. There, Will teaches Willow the ways of Philly - which basically boil down to chlling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of the school. The precocious teen bands together with a group of Philly kids to fight off those couple of guys who are up to no good, who try to make trouble in her neighborhood. Hilarity ensues.

3. The “I Wonder Where I Put My Glasses?” Years

The Original: Before Cory Matthews met world, Ben’s big brother Fred Savage warmed our hearts as Kevin Arnold. In the original series, an older Kevin was narrating his memories of growing up in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

The Reboot: Daniel Stern returns to narrate as the voice of Kevin, but instead of looking back at the past, the reboot takes us far into the future ― the year 2050, when Kevin is in his 90’s. After the death of his beloved wife, Kevin’s children have put him in a nursing home that floats miles above the Earth, where he is stunned to encounter his childhood sweetheart Winnie Cooper. Winnie has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember their past, so Kevin spends every episode telling the same stories he recounted in the original series, which Winnie promptly forgets again. Frustrated, Kevin starts changing all the details of what we learned in the series, hoping to jog her memory. Hilarity ensues.


4. Enemies

The Original: In Friends, six sexy singles shared two apartments across the hall from each other in New York City, and eventually four of them coupled off. When last we saw them, they were leaving the home they shared for so long.

The Reboot: Moments after the finale, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler come to their senses and realize that it's insane to leave these awesome, spacious, rent-controlled apartments in Greenwich Village that were somehow somehow affordable, even though these characters spent most of their time sitting in a coffee shop instead of working. Individually, they all try to move back in, sparking a bitter rivalry between all involved even as they begrudgingly share a roof once more. They engage in their worst behavior, hoping to infuriate the others into leaving the apartment. Living in such close quarters leads Joey to have an affair with Rachel, ending the Ross/Rachel romance for good, while Monica gains all her weight back and Chandler becomes verbally abusive. Through it all, however, none will give up the apartment, and hilarity ensues.


5. Family Shatters

The Original: Initially all about the Winslow family, nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel eventually stole the spotlight, constantly causing havoc for Carl, Harriette, and the gang with his inventions. Urkel finally got the girl of his dreams late in the series, but the show was unfortunately cancelled without a proper series finale, so he and Laura never wed.

The Reboot: Curiously, family members tended to vanish on the original Family Matters ― daughter Judy inexplicably disappeared in Season Five, and Aunt Rachel and Cousin Richie exited the series without fanfare in Season Nine, too. Harriette was replaced with a lookalike midway through the final season. Here, we learn why. As it turns out, Steve Urkel’s “harmless” inventions have been part of a grander, more insidious scheme, and his nerdy exterior is just a cover for Steve Urquelle, the suave and sophisticated criminal mastermind. In the pilot, Laura suddenly remembers her lost family members and slowly realizes her family has been duped by their nerdy neighbor all along, memories wiped. She sets off to learn the truth, and finds Judy now working as a porn star (true story, by the way), while Rachel and Richie are being held captive by Steve’s sinister cousin Myrtle. Now Laura must pretend she knows nothing to her husband Steve, while secretly trying to figure out a way to recover her family’s lost memories before her memory is wiped again. Hilarity ensues.

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