Hopefully you’re not holding your breath for a Friends reunion on the big screen, because then you’ll never breathe again. Kevin S. Bright, co-executive producer/director of the beloved sitcom, says that’s never happening.

In a new interview, Kevin talks about the new Blu-Ray release of the complete series and nixes Friends: The Movie, but there is some happy news for longtime fans ― he reveals where the characters are now (at least in his own mind).

First, on the subject of that reunion: “There is absolutely, 100 percent no talk about a reunion. Maybe they'll find a reason one day, and obviously the reason can't be about money and things like that. Other than that, I don't think there is a reason to do it. There will be no Friends movie. It was made to be an intimate show in your living room. It wasn't a broader show like many of the comedies today that are shot single-camera. It's wonderful the way it is.”

Agreed. But at least there’s a small glimmer of hope for a small screen reunion, right?

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Well, things for these six didn’t get quite as dramatic as we predicted when imagining a Friends reboot. If things for the Friends go as well as Kevin likes to think, a reunion would be pretty tame:

“I'm hoping that Ross and Rachel, and Monica and Chandler, and Phoebe and Mike are still married and living happily ever after. I imagine that after they had the surrogate twins, Monica did get pregnant after all and they had a third child, so they have a wonderful family. Chandler now owns his own number-crunching business… They're living very nicely in Westchester.”

Okay, but the couple we're really concerned about is Ross and Rachel, right?

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Kevin said: “I think Ross and Rachel — I don't know. [Laughs] I've never imagined any of them before! They also had another child. Joey is a star. He finally got his big break.”

And Pheebs?

“Phoebe opened a chain of holistic spas across the country using her unique massage techniques she developed over the years. She's spreading the joy.”

So happy endings all around, huh? No surprise there. Kevin dishes on his favorite moments, the end of the series, and the Disney World episode that never happened over at TVGuide.

Are you satisfied with these endings, or do you still need a reunion? Let us know below!