Gleeks rejoice – Mike Chang and Mercedes are back in Lima! This week’s episode of Glee (welcome back by the way!) has two very special guests - Harry Shum Jr. and Amber Riley!

Chelsea Briggs has your first look at the McKinley reunion in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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All Hail the Dancing King and Diva Extraordinaire – two of you fan favorites are back for Glee’s newest episode, titled The Role You Were Born to Play! Spoiler alert! The brand new episode features the final callbacks for the production of Grease!

And how does the cast feel about Harry & Amber’s return? Newcomer Alex Newell says Mercedes was his favorite since the pilot, saying “she’s just too fierce to handle and she’s funny!” (We concur Alex!) And who ISN’T excited to see the masterful Harry dance on the Glee stage again?! (No one! Duh.)

So recap time - we’ve followed Rachel and Kurt to New York, caught up with Finn, Puck, and Santana, and now the return of Mike Change & Mercedes. After this, the only graduated Gleek left to return to McKinley is (drumroll, please)…Quinn Fabray aka Dianna Agron!

So what do you think of this latest season of Glee? Do you miss the old New Directions? What do you think about the new cast members?!