The worst day of the year is here. Yes, I’m talking about Black Friday. Whether you actually enjoy camping out at the nearest Best Buy and throwing elbows at the soccer moms while fighting for that whatever-inch flat screen TV or you despise this “holiday,” you have to admit that BF is not for the faint of heart. For those of you who try to find ways to avoid leaving your house at all costs, we’ve got some methods to keep you occupied until Saturday rolls around.

Shirtless pictures of Ryan Gosling, zombies, Fifty Shades of Grey, oh my! Here are 12 ways to help you avoid Black Friday.

1. Stare at shirtless pictures of Ryan Gosling all day. Which basically means treat it as a normal day.

2. Read the entire Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (not in public, of course) and plan out which Hollywood stars should play the characters in the movie.

3. Create the next “viral video” music cover of Call Me Maybe.

4. Start from the beginning and track Amanda Bynes’ career to find out what went wrong.

5. 3 words: One Direction GIFS

6. Watch The Walking Dead marathon while planning out the perfect survival guide for the zombie apocalypse.

7. Spend all day reading every tweet from Lena Dunham. So. Good.

8. Watch every, single Hollywire Hot Minute on YouTube. And subcription, of course.

9. Plan out your Liz & Dick viewing party

10. Pratice your Taylor Swift "I had no idea I was going to get this award then though I'm the biggest star in the world" face in the mirror.

11. Play Gangnam Style on repeat until you learn each word and get the dance down perfectly.

12. Wonder what the hell went wrong with Jelena (they were so perfect!)

Happy Black Friday and please, try to stay sane today.