Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 

This is the time of year where we all take a break from Facebook ranting and Twitter snarking, and instead give thanks for the blessings in our lives. In the case of Hollywire, a lot of those blessings come in celebrity form. I mean, have you SEEN Channing Tatum's abs?

Take a look at our list of the best pop culture bites to give thanks for, and then tell us what YOU'RE thankful for in the comments!

1. I'm  thankful for One Direction + boy bands in general. #Word (Chelsea)

2. I'm thankful for the brand spankin' NEW Hollywire website & logo because it looks pretty, darn rad! #sointheknow #chapsticklove (Chelsea)

3. I'm thankful for Ryan Gosling wrapped in Christmas lights. That's all. (Chelsea)

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4. I'm thankful that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's real face is the one on the left. (Melissa)


5.  I'm thankful for the glimpses of the Arrested Development reboot, proving that it, is, finally, once and for all, happening. (Melissa)

6. I'm thankful for the existence of this blurry picture of Michael Fassbender massaging Ryan Gosling. No need for any context, the picture will do just fine, thanks. (Melissa)

7. I'm thankful for The Avengers. Now genius Joss Whedon finally has the power to do absolutely anything he wants -- which better include a Buffy movie. (Alexander)

8. I'm thankful for the most consistently excellent show on TV, Breaking Bad, which ended Season 5 in the toilet -- like, literally on a toilet -- in a bold, brilliant, totally unexpected ending  which we don't wanna spoil (but we promise there's more to it than Hank's bowel movement). (Alexander)

9. And as skeptical as I was, I'm thankful for Anne Hathaway's Catwoman, which managed to be the best thing in the Dark Knight Rises, and much closer to Michelle Pfieffer's purr-fection than Halle Berry's cat-astrophic Catwoman. (Alexander)
10. I'm thankful for Jennifer Lawrence continuing to be a completely normal girl who I dream of being my best friend while being part of the next big movie franchise. (Ciara)
11. I'm thankful for Pretty Little Liars never disappointing us with hunky eye candy. (Ciara)
12. I'm thankful for for Ryan Gosling, for all the videos of him from his younger days going viral. Also for remaining a gentleman when he was robbed (again!) of the Sexiest Man Alive title. (Ciara)
13. I'm thankful for the most addicting viral video of all time. Not like I watch it every day or anything... (Alyssa)
14. I'm thankful for Jennifer Lawrence bringing my hero, Katniss Everdeen, to life. (Alyssa)

15. I'm thankful that our dear Jennifer Aniston is finally engaged -- always rooting for her! (Alyssa)


16. I'm thankful for Amanda Bynes no longer being behind the wheel, officially making it a safe holiday for everyone. (McCarton)
17. I'm thankful for the Lohans, for making my job easier. Whenever there's a snow news day, I can always bank on the endless drama from America's most ridiculous family. (McCarton)
18. I'm thankful for Honey Boo Boo for inspiring me not to give up on my dream of reality stardom. If all it takes is behaving as trashy as possible at all times, well, there's still hope for me. (McCarton)

And in case we didn't make it abundantly clear, we are all very, very, very thankful for Ryan Gosling.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hollywire!! Tell us -- who are YOU thankful for??

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images and Fame Flynet