It's Election Day, and if we could, we might elect Emma Stone for president. Sure, she's young and inexperienced in politics, but even when playing a teenager, she always comes across as wise beyond her years.

But since Emma Stone isn't running, we'll just have to settle for celebrating her 24th birthday instead. (Yes, it's today.) There are countless reasons we dig Emma, but here are 24 of the best.


1. She’s dating Andrew Garfield.

(Okay, that could be a reason to hate her, but we just can’t.)


2. She kicked (undead) ass in Zombieland.


3. She goes on romantic dates to the cemetery.


4. She held her own with the funny boys of Superbad.


5. Her portrayal of Gwen Stacy was easily one of the best things about The Amazing Spider-Man.


6. She won the role of Laura Partridge the the 2004 reality competition show The Search for the New Partridge Family, which fortunately never actually resulted in a new Partridge Family.


7. She can turn a paparazzi photo op into a charitable cause.


8. She kept us chuckling on SNL, especially with her skit about Adele's "Someone Like You."


9. Her steamy scenes with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love.


10. Hey girl! She’s teaming up with Ryan again as his love interest in Gangster Squad.


11. She stands up to cancer.


12. Absolutely everything she does in Easy A is flawless.


13. Her husky voice. It stems from constant screaming as an infant, which was probably super annoying for her parents at the time. But hey, it’s sexy now!


14. She held her own opposite the hilarious Anna Faris in The House Bunny ― and sang “I Know What Boys Like” for the soundtrack!


15. Everyone thinks of her as a redhead, even though she’s a natural blonde.


16. She broadened her horizons playing Civil Rights activist Skeeter in the Oscar-nominated film The Help.


17. Even Jim Carrey thinks she's "all the way beautiful," and wants to have "chubby little freckle-faced kids" with her.


18. She was the first-ever recipient of MTV’s Trailblazer Award, thanks to her diverse body of work.


19. She’s #7 in Maxim’s Hot 100, yet she’s always relied more on her smarts and comic chops to get parts.


20. She can look like this and get away with it.


21. Her acting hero is...? Meryl Streep? Katharine Hepburn? No John Candy! She said the Uncle Buck star "can find the humor in the dramatic moments. He just has that broken mirror within him all the time."


22. Look what she wore to the Oscars!


23. Look what she wore to the Golden Globes!


24. It’s her birthday!

(Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet.)