Today is Monday, November 12, our favorite holiday.

What, Veteran's Day? Are you kidding? No ― it's Ryan Gosling's birthday!

We hope wherever Ryan is right now, he's having a great day, but really, this birthday is all about us. Because if Ryan Gosling had never been born, we would never have seen him without a shirt on. And a world without half-naked Ryan Gosling is dark, dystopic world ruled by madness and disorder, filled with people who will never know true joy or satisfaction.

So in honor of Ryan's 32nd year of perfection, we give you 32 reasons to be grateful you were born in this world, and not a Ryan Gosling-less one.

(PS: 22 of these reasons are shirtless.)

1. This

2. This

3. This

4. He fell in love with a sex doll in Lars And The Real Girl… thus making us jealous of a sex doll for the first and only time in our lives.

5. This

6. This... and that face

7. His response to paparazzi while walking his dog

8. And this

9. Can't forget this one

10. Even though he doesn't need glasses to make him look sophisticated, he looks damn good with them

11. Yup, this

12. Did you think we would forget this?

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13. A gosling is a baby goose, the only thing as cute as Ryan Gosling.

14. He wore the coolest jacket we’ve ever seen in Drive.

15. This

16. Oh, and this

17. Even when he looks like this in movies like Blue Valentine, we still totally want him.

18. This

19. Um, The Notebook! Duh!

20. This

21. This

22. This, of course

23. His beard

24. This... again

25. This

26. And this

27. Nobody can pull off a suit like him

29. This needed to be repeated

30. Switch up the lighting

31. This

32. Finally... this