Last night, we had the strangest dream. Jimmy Fallon was wearing a blonde bobbed wig, singing “Let us play with your look!” over and over. Then Lindsay Lohan emerged from behind a mysterious curtain… except she didn’t look like Lindsay Lohan, because she was also in a blonde bobbed wig, like she belonged in Austin Powers.

Anyway, without a word, she went over to a stranger in the audience, took his hand, and led him down on stage, then proceeded to rub this thick, white goo into his hair. Again, in silence.  When it was time to leave she appeared to get flustered, unable to find the exit.

What do you think it means?

Oh, wait a second... that wasn't a dream, that was an actual segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Prepare to be bewildered!


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The cameo is pretty hilarious, given that Lindsay doesn't say anything, and in fact no one draws attention to the fact that it's Lindsay Lohan. We're glad she's still able to laugh and have fun, despite all the drama in her life currently. (And always.)

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Jimmy himself tweeted the above photo of Lindsay's creepy "makeover," which we hope to never see again. (Especially in our nightmares.)

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