Another year, another American Music Awards!

And as the show typically does, an award was occasionally given out in the midst of about 84 musical performances that ranged from Justin Bieber to MC Hammer. Yes, you read that last name correctly! From award upsets to hot outfits and even an unfortunate lip-syncing/grinding incident, check out the top 11 highlights from last night's show!

Who is our pick for the best musical performance of the night? Find out after the jump!

1. Usher Can Still Bust a Move

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It can't be easy to open up the AMA's, which is why you leave the task to a pro like Usher. He kicked off the night with a medley of brand new songs, yet still danced around the stage like it was 1997. He even took home an award last night by winning Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist for the third year in a row.

2. Award Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen's Upset of the Night

Most of the winners at last night AMA's were painfully predictable, but Carly Rae pulled out the upset of the night by defeating One Direction and Gotye, among others, to win Best New Artist. Not only was it refreshing to see a first-time winner, but her reaction showed how genuinely unexpected the accolade was for her. 

3. Gwen Stefani DOES. NOT. AGE.

Gwen's Native American costume-free performance of Hot was one of the weaker spots of the night, but at age 43, this hot momma looks just as fresh-faced as she did when she first burst on to the scene in the mid-'90s. Actually, the entire band hasn't really aged. We'll have what they're having!

4. Justin Bieber Toasts the Haters

"This is for all the haters who thought I would only be here for one or two years. I think I'm gonna be around for a very long time," said Justin after accepting his first award of the night. Considering how he cleaned up at the AMA's and even took home Artist of the Year, we have to agree.

5. Kelly Clarkson Rocks the House, Makes Us Feel Old

Firstly, Kelly has a greatest hits album coming out?! And it's been TEN YEARS since Miss Independent ruled the airwaves?! After having a mini-meltdown after that getting old moment, we got back to watching Kelly sing her butt off in a very impressive medley of hits that showed off her impressive vocal range.

6. Personal Favorite: Linkin Park Goes Electro

We can't believe that it's been over 12 years since Linkin Park first burst onto the scene as a rap-rock act that transformed the music game. And it's even more amazing to see them shift into a full-on electro act with Burn it Down. The culmination of that transformation was highlighted last night, where Chester's voice and the deep synths provided a stark contrast to the crazy dancers and smoke and mirrors many of the performers utilized last night.

7. Nicki Minaj Reminds Us She Can Rap

When you look past the clown makeup, clown hair, clown outfits, and clown-style fighting with Mariah on American Idol, Nicki can actually rap well. Everyone's favorite real-life cartoon character tried to bring it back to the music with her performance of Freedom and while her singing left a lot to be desired, her rapping was solid.

8. Taylor Swift's I Know You Were Trouble Was Anything But

It takes serious talent to make everything look so effortless. Sure, she's not the greatest singer or songwriter out there at the moment, but Taylor put on a flawless, professional performance that was filled with some of the best choreography of the night.

9. Nicki Minaj Grinds on Justin Bieber

Justin started off so well with his acoustic performance of As Long As You Love Me, but unfortunately went all Ashlee Simpson on us by lip-syncing the second chorus of Beauty and a Beat. Luckily, Nicki was there on stage to comfort him. And by comfort, we mean grind up against. We get that he's 18 and it's legal, but so is Doug Hutchison marrying Courtney Stodden. Doesn't make it right.

10. Performance of the Night: Pink's Try

This is not an act you would want to follow! Pink was basically thrown around the stage for four minutes in a dance-filled performance and still managed to sing perfectly the entire time! Perhaps this was an audition for Dancing With the Stars? We can only hope.

11. Psy and MC Hammer: Together at Last

Put this in the WTF pile. Psy could have brought out just about anyone and it would have been entertaining, but having one of the biggest one-hit wonders of the '90s join him for Gangnam Style pretty much sealed the Korean performer's fate to become one of the biggest one-hit wonders of this decade.

What was your favorite moment at last night's show? Be sure to head to for more highlights from last night's red carpet pre-show!

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