Andy Grammer has been having one hectic 2012, but don’t expect to hear one complaint come out of his mouth. With his debut, self-titled album producing hits like Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me and then hitting the road on two different tours, Andy is making a name for himself as a hard-working, talented man in the music industry.

We chatted with Andy at the Rolling Stone AMA After Party  presented by Nokia and Rdio last Sunday night following the American Music Awards. Covering a wide variety of topics, he dished on his successful year, being on tour and what he’s most thankful for this year.

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When we last caught up with Andy back in April, he talked about his excitement for going on tour with the likes of Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat. Fast forward eight months later and he’s wrapped up what Colbie called the best tour she’s ever been on as well as hitting the road with Train!

“I had a lot of fun on both tours. Train was interesting because they’ve been doing it for so long… I mean, they have so many songs!” Looking into the future, Andy has his sights set on the prize, without a doubt. “Colbie and Gavin are where I want to be soon and Train’s like, oh man, if I can get there that’s amazing.”

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