Anne Hathaway has had a pretty charmed acting career, and with the amount of Oscar buzz Les Miserables is accumulating, it can only get better from here. But even mighty performers like Anne have their blunders. The Dark Knight Rises star recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about one major black mark on her resume – that embarrassing debacle hosting the 2011 Academy Awards alongside James Franco.

If you can remember back to ― we know, you’ve probably attempted to strike it from your memory ― the show received a lot of flack for the curiously-matched hosts. James seemed like he’d rather have his arm pinned by a boulder like his 127 Hours character than be hosting the Oscars, while Anne tried to make up for his lack of enthusiasm by performing in an over-the-top theatrical manner.

Even at the time, we admired Anne’s showmanship, even though the combo didn’t exactly work. Now we learn a little more about what went wrong, and how Anne feels about the blunder now.

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“Oh, scars,” Anne laughed when asked about her hosting duties. “My background is in theater. I played to the house, it’s a 3500-seat theater! I was just shooting energy to the back of it.”

She continues that although she had a great time, it was perceived as a “massive failure” and she looked looked slightly manic and hyper cheerleadery on screen.”

In the roundtable chat with other Oscar hopefuls this year including Amy Adams, Helen Hunt, and Naomi Watts, Anne also launched into a rant about the paparazzi's lack of interest in who she really is, something all these ladies can probably agree with.

Catch the full hour-long interview with this year's most likely Oscar nominees here.

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