Anne Hathaway hosted last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live for not her first, not her second, but her third time. And she knocked it out of the park, as usual, with her signature Katie Holmes impression, portraying a Valley girl in "Girlfriends Talk Show" and doing her best Claire Danes for Homeland. This girl is a chameleon when it comes to impressions!

In honor of her 30th birthday today, let’s count down some of her best SNL skits from her past appearances!

8. Penelope: Thanksgiving

Kristen Wiig as Penelope “Anything you can do, I can do better” character is one that we’ll miss since she’s said her goodbye to the show. Watching Anne try and put up with this one-up character is just too good.

7. The Lawrence Welk Show

Showing off her vocals for late-night audiences, Anne plays one of the Merrill sisters, a four-piece singing group that has one, um, not-so-perfect sister.

6. Kate Middleton

How would you feel being bullied by the Queen of England? Anne steps into the shoes of Kate Middleton and does her best to defend herself in a tough situation.

5. American Gothic

Anne and Jason Sudeikis brought the classic portrait to life and showed what really went down during that standing session.

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4. Mary Poppins

Hm, who knew that the real meaning behind supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was a sexually transmitted disease? Yup, Anne taught us all about that.

3. Katie Holmes in The Miley Cyrus Show

Okay, Anne as Katie Holmes is spot on in this one. The way she talked, the way she kept touching her hair, just everything. So amazing.

2. The Girlfriends Talk Show

Maybe Anne’s next movie role should be a Valley girl because this one is epic.

1. Homeland

If she ever wanted to be a stand-in for Claire Danes, I think she just nailed her audition with this one.

Which SNL skit by Anne is your favorite?

Videos Courtesy of Hulu