Kim Kardashian has probably gotten pretty good at tuning the paparazzi out, but when it comes time to defend one of her family members, she makes sure to give them a soundbite or two!

The latest report surfacing around the Kardashian fam is that Kim's big sis Kourtney Kardashian is (finally) engaged to her longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick. Don't worry -- it didn't take long before Kim squashed this rumor!

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As per video footage from TMZ, when Kim was asked how she felt about Kourt's engagement, she smirked a bit before revealing, "She's not engaged!" Once the questions kept coming, Kim kept it simple and to the point by adding, "It's not true!"

Ever the hopeless romantic, Kim also said, "One day she will be [engaged], but not yet." Well, considering how long it's taken Kourtney to settle down with Scott, we're probably likely to see a third engagement in Kim's future before her big sister's first!

Do you think Kourtney & Scott will ever tie the knot?

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet