Frankly, we would have been perfectly happy if Ashlee Simpson’s “comeback” had remained a “staygone,” but apparently Jessica Simpson’s lil’ sis is making a return to music with her new song “Bat For A Heart.”

It's been four years since Ashlee's last album, Bittersweet World, and she's been pretty absent from the press, too. (Especially in comparison to her father and sister.)

But now Ashlee's back. So we're just wondering: where the hell did she go?

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In the "Bat For A Heart" teaser, Ashlee further differentiates herself from her mainstream sis by promising to “f--- you up” in the chorus. Admittedly, it's a promising and pretty catchy ditty, which may earn her some new fans and ensure that she's here to stay as a musician.

We'll see when the full track and video drop on November 19!

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