Ever heard of Cherri Bomb??

No, I don’t mean the firework, but LA’s hottest all-girl rock band! Well, just so ya know -- they’re Hollywire’s newest obsession and they just released their debut album This is the End of Control, earlier this year. But let's be honest, these hard-rock girls are definitely firecrackers too!

Your host Chelsea Briggs sat down with Julia, Nia, Miranda and Rena to show you why this band is one to watch!

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Cherri Bomb gave Hollywire the inside scoop on the upcoming video for their newest single Too Many Faces. Another single of the debut album, Shake the Ground was used on The Avengers soundtrack!

Cherri Bomb has toured with some of the hottest rock bands in the world, including the Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins – insanely impressive for a band that’s only been together since 2008! Did I mention, they’re all under 18?! Yeah, who else was a member of the hardest-rocking, crazy-talented girl band before you could legally vote? Yep, everybody put your hands down.

Chelsea put our favorite ladies in the Hollywire Hot Seat where they talked everything from celebrity crushes to their biggest pet peeves to embarrassing moments on stage. A little tidbit of what went down you ask? Favorite songs to sing in the shower - a little Katy Perry Firework, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and Tom Petty’s classic Free Fallin! Check out the video below for more!


And if that wasn’t enough, check out their video for Shake the Ground!


If their debut album The Is the End of Control is half as much fun as these girls are – you should probably check it out! But really, go get it!

So what do you think of Cherri Bomb? Awesome, right?!