How would you like to have Emma Stone officiate your wedding? Sounds pretty cool, but not very likely, right? Well it is! The Amazing Spider-Man star took on the duty last weekend for the wedding of her publicist Holly Shakoor and director Ruben Fleischer, according to Us Weekly.

Obviously if Emma was calling the shots at a wedding, you wouldn’t really expect it to be too serious and most likely filled with laughs. Oh, and Andrew Garfield would be in attendance. “She was very eloquent and composed, and didn’t seem nervous at all,” a wedding attendee said. “She talked about how she met Holly six years ago and then how Ruben directed her in Zombieland. Emma Stone: matchmaker!

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Okay, back to Andrew. While Emma was busy cracking jokes for the guests, her boy was “beaming at her” from his seat. “You could tell he thought she did a great job, he had a big smile and was listening to every word she said.” This is why these two are my favorite celebrity couple. Other guests included Sofia Vergara, who posted a photo of her chowing down on some cake, Gabrielle Union and Christina Hendricks.

New wedding goal (besides having Ryan Gosling stand in as the groom): have Emma Stone officiate.

What do you think about Emma marrying her two friends? If you could have any celeb do that for you, who would it be?

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet