I’m surprised it took her this long to jump on the selfie bandwagon. Beyonce always shares her life moments, thoughts and opinions with her fans on Tumblr, but now she’s trying her hand at Instagram! The Queen B joined the social media app on Tuesday and dedicated her first photo to her most famous friend – Barack Obama.

She posted a photo of her wearing a “Texans for Obama” t-shirt yesterday before the big presidential announcement was made and accessorized with a ponytail, her new bangs and black-rimmed glasses. Side note: does this woman ever look bad?!

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After it was announced that Obama would serve another four years as president, Beyonce made it loud and clear how she felt about the news. Rubbing the win in republican’s faces everywhere, she posted a photo of a handwritten note on Tumblr that read, “TAKE THAT MITCHES.”

While the note has since been taken down, I think it’s safe to say we all know how B feels about the political outcome. But with her Obama earrings, hand-written notes and NYC gatherings, her photos aren't really a surprise, right? 

What do you think about Beyonce’s public support for Obama? Also, what about her note to Romney supporters?

Photos Courtesy of Instagram & Tumblr