It's been too long since we heard new music from Britney Spears, but now that she's back in the public eye on a weekly basis thanks to The X-Factor, Britney lent her pipes to a new track by

The track itself leaked last week, and last night, Brit premiered two minutes of the video during The X-Factor's live show. Now, the whole vid is available for our viewing pleasure on VEVO, and we know you're going to watch... because, as her vocals so helpfully remind us in the track, "It's Britney, bitch!"

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Britney's vocals may be repetitive and Autotuned (and, at some points, tinged with an inexplicable British accent), but it's one of the stronger tracks from lately, and it's hard to hate a track that repurposes that legendary "It's Britney, bitch" sound byte from Gimme More.


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Scream & Shout will appear on's upcoming album #Willpower, though we'd much rather be looking forward to a new LP from Britney. For now, we'll just be grateful for this one.

Does Britney's latest make you want to scream and shout?