Britney Spears and Katy Perry may be multi-millionaires, but that doesn't mean they won't flip out when they feel that their hard earned dough is being taken from them!

They joined roughly 100 other artists that included Cee Lo Green and Maroon 5 in signing an open letter to Pandora. The letter protests the attempt from the music site to have Congress pass the Internet Radio Fairness Act, which would reduce the fees the internet radio service pays for playing artists' music

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"We are big fans of Pandora. That's why we helped give the company a discount on rates for the past decade. Pandora is now enjoying phenomenal success as a Wall Street company," the letter stated. "Why is the company asking Congress once again to step in and gut the royalties that thousands of musicians rely upon? That's not fair and that's not how partners work together."

The big wigs at Pandora explained that the music industry has changed rapidly since the artists first showed their support towards the service and reducing fees is essential in order to remain competitive with broadcast radio. " In 2011, Pandora paid over 50 percent of revenues in performance royalties, while SiriusXM paid less than 10 percent," said Pandora's statement. Internet radio brings millions of listeners back to music, plays the songs of tens of thousands of promising working artists, enabling them to build their audience while receiving fair compensation."

Look, Britney and Katy, our wallets have all gotten a slam with the recession. You can take a minor one too.

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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