Ever since the fall of MTV's music video heyday (RIP TRL!), it's been a popular complaint to launch against the network that is now devoted to the likes of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom ― "Hey, why don't you play music videos anymore?"

Well, you'll be afraid to ask ever again once you view the latest installment of "Ask A Network Head," in which the "Head of Programming at MTV" (not really) is asked why MTV now concentrates on "reality shows with really horrible, vapid people."

Despite the attitude, the comedy duo of Brian and Maria make some pretty astute points about why MTV has neglected its pre-millennial bread and butter lately. "Your generation decided to steal music, and music videos are more worthless than ever before," Brian  accuses, accurately calling out that music videos only get made because of those awkward product endorsements they all seem stuffed with nowadays.

And seriously, in the era of YouTube, with everything on demand, would we really want to sit around and let a TV network decide what music videos we're going to watch? Even if MTV did play music videos, wouldn't we still prefer to select them ourselves, with less commercial interruption?

Can we now officially call off this argument, and realize times have changed? What do you say?