Cece Frey busted out her inner Xtina last night performing “Lady Marmalade,” complete with an eye-catching outfit and hot choreography with her backup dancers.

Unfortunately, not all of the judges flipped for her performance. Simon called her performance "too much," likening to eating "62 portions of chocolate cake"... then advised her to pack a suitcase!

Luckily, Cece is a "Fighter" just like the artist whose song she picked, and as she revealed to Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs, the judges' harsh words can't bring her down.

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In the interview, Cece also chats about the inspriation for her stage costume (it's based on the 2012 spring/summer Chanel line) and growing up on an ostrich farm. She also thinks "Lady Marmalade" was the best example of her personality shining through on stage: "The song was me, the performance was me, all of it. I just felt like, finally I'm coming out of my shell."

Regardless of what happens next, it sure sounds like Cece has the right attitude to make it as a musician.

Do you think Cece has what it takes to go further in the competition?