The she-said, she-said between Ariel Winter and her mother, Chrystal Workman, has just swung sharply in favor of the Modern Family star.

The L.A. Department of Child and Family Services stepped in to conduct a report and concluded that Chrystal committed emotional abuse against the 14-year-old, but the physical abuse claim mounted "inconclusive" evidence. Either way, the situation is so severe that Child Services is recommending Chrystal lose custody of her daughter, according to TMZ.

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At one point, Child Services wanted to go to Dependency Court and make Ariel a ward of the state! However, they have since backtracked and the judge in the current case has given a chance to award permanent guardianship to Ariel's sister, Shanelle Gray. Shanelle's lawyer said that even if she wins the guardianship, she wants everyone to attend family therapy sessions ASAP.

Chrystal still denies any abuse towards Ariel and said the fact she didn't approve her daughter's relationship with an 18-year-old man (who she has since broken up with) was the culprit behind her accusations. Meanwhile, several crew members on the set of Modern Family have reported that while they did not see any abuse towards Ariel by Chrystal on the set, they report that she was an overbearing stage parent who they wanted to ban from filmings.

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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