It’s official: Chris Brown is the worst person ever. While most of us knew that he wasn’t the most picture-perfect celebrity in the world, his Halloween costume this year definitely put any doubts we had about that statement right out the window.

Instead of dressing up as your typical ghost, goblin or fellow celeb, Chris decided to go down a different route and dress as an Arab terrorist with a group of friends. Yup, SO hilarious Chris (insert heavy sarcasm).

Chris’s mother Joyce Hawkins even jumped to defend her son’s costume choice on Twitter. “Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please,” she wrote. “So does this mean when we dress our kids as Satan we glorifying him or (is) it just out of fun???? … Keep smiling angel.”

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Chris’ most recent attention-seeking act has made us look back at all the other controversial moves that he’s pulled, at least within the last year. Obviously we don’t need to bring up him assaulting his VERY famous ex-girlfriend Rihanna (maybe you’ve heard of her) back in 2009 -– except we just did. But he’s also started countless Twitter wars with other stars (i.e. Miranda Lambert), got a tattoo of a battered woman on the his neck –- which he calls “art” -– participated in a full-blown bar brawl with Drake that left many injured, made homophobic remarks to Frank Ocean after he came out via Tumblr and the list goes on.

All of this just makes us wonder if he’s doing all of this to actually make people dislike him or at least notice him. Well, mission accomplished, Chris.

What do you think about Chris’ Halloween costume?

Did he go too far or is everyone overacting?