Like it or not, showing off sideboob is becoming increasingly more popular in Hollywood, and just like with regular cleavage-bearing ensembles, it can sometimes be taken a wee bit too far.

Jessica Biel is the latest to rock the braless look at the Los Angeles premiere of her film Hitchcock, but did she do it in a classy way... or a totally trashy way?

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Well, Mrs. Timberlake's black Gucci gown seems pretty conservative from the front, but just take one look at her from the back or side and you'll see it's totally sexified -- and she was doing nothing to hide that on the red carpet! Hey, if ya got it, flaunt it!

In the film, out Friday, Jessica portrays actress Vera Miles as part of a story following Alfred Hitchcock's making of the movie Psycho. Hitchcock also stars Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Hopkins.

Okay... can we get to the real question on everyone's mind, though? Where has Jessica's new hubby Justin Timberlake been at these recent premieres?! We wouldn't have to worry so much about her style if he was on her arm...

So... is Jessica's sideboob classy or trashy!?

Photos Courtesy of: Getty Images