Many would consider Taylor Swift the lucky one since she’s been on the arm of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, like Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Launter and John Mayer, but she might disagree with you. With each one of her heartbreaks comes a number one song, but according to sources,  at the end of the day, “all Taylor wants is to be loved.”

Plenty of us normal folk have advised Taylor to maybe try dating someone that ISN’T super famous, right? Well, she’s been there, done that and kept it under wraps. Fun fact: Tay Tay tried dating a normal, Nashville college student a couple years ago! How did we not know about this?!

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“Her friends were proud of her for trying to date a normal dude,” a source told Us Weekly. “And trying to be part of the local college scene like someone her age would be doing.” Unfortunately, things just got too weird T. Swift and the boy. “A couple of his friends started texting her and trying to hang out. It got weird.”

We have no doubt that Taylor will find the right guy at the right time, which will also bring an entire album of catchy love songs that we won’t be able to get enough of!

What do you think about Taylor’s love life? Should she just try staying single for once or should she keep looking?

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