Last night was the premiere for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Hollywood had their focus squarely on the red carpet for the event.

Sure, there were plenty of high-end couture dresses and dapper looking tuxedos, but the biggest focus on everyone's mind that night had to do with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They're reportedly back on as a couple, but we sure haven't been seeing a whole lot of affection between them lately. Would we get a red carpet smooch? Would they even show up together? Would they be in a good mood when they got to the red carpet? Oh yeah, and there was, like, a movie that night too or something...

1. Amadou Ly

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Okay, so Amadou was in the movie for all of two seconds as the vampire Henri. However, we have to give some serious props for hitting the red carpet in the most creative and original outfit of the night. Plus, if anybody has the body to pull that off, it's him.

2. Kristen Stewart

The labels surrounding Kristen lately are "trashy" and "homewrecker," but she looked like anything but those adjectives on the red carpet last night. She looked positively radiant in her trademark goth-lite makeup and her dress was sexy without going over the top.

3. Robert Pattinson

There's not much that can be said about Rob last night that hasn't already been said a thousand times. He looked polished, put-together and adorable in his form fitting suit. Even more impressive is that he helped design the Gucci suit himself by picking out the fabric!  “I had a dream about an emerald green houndstooth suit, so I got one made,” he said. The shoes don't necessarily go with everything else, but we're just being nit-picky. It's pretty much the difference between an A and an A+.

4. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen and Rob's photo-ops together at the premiere raised some eyeballs. While they did pose together, which is more than some people expected, they didn't really look thrilled about it. In other words, they looked way happier together than a legit couple should, especially with the world watching.

5. Kristen and a small fan

Case in point, Kristen put on a full smile just a few minutes later when posing with one of her youngest fans. Kristen doesn't normally have a mega-watt smile to begin with, but when you look happier posing with a small child you just met than your freakin' boyfriend, we have to wonder a little bit...

6. Taylor Lautner

Poor Taylor. He went from being part of the main Twilight ensemble to second wheel due to a cheating scandal he had absolutely no involvement in. Nevertheless, he still acted like the consummate professional he is and looked pretty damn hot to boot.

7. Mackenzie Foy

She may have just turned 12 last week, but Mackenzie looked far more mature than her years when she hit the red carpet. We loved her long white dress and how she found a way to look older with the soft tendrils, while still remaining age-appropriate with her pink cheeks.

8. Dakota Fanning

Speaking of child stars, can you believe Dakota is a full-blown adult now?! Yep, she's 18. And her flowing turquoise dress that showed a tiny bit of skin, plus her new brunette (!!!) locks pretty much screamed out "I'm not a child actor" for everyone to see.

9. Ashley Greene

"It's the last Twilight premiere!" tweeted Ashley yesterday morning. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Nevertheless, the fact Ashley was well aware of the occasion could have contributed to the fact that she rocked what was her most regal and elegant dress by far at any of the Twilight premieres.

10. Nikki Reed

You think Nikki pulled this off in front of her bathroom mirror? Hell no. She enlisted an entire team to get her ready! From makeup artist Fiona Stiles to stylist Mara Roszak, her army contributed to the structured and clean look that she pulled off oh so well on the red carpet last night.

11. Michael Sheen

Unfortunately, the fashion miss of the night went to Michael and his hideous mustache. Seriously, you're not a plumber. You're not a '70s porn star. You're too old to be a hipster. And you admitted that you're not doing it as part of Movember. Either grow a full beard or shave the damn thing off.

12. Maggie Grace

Maggie enthusiastically declared on the red carpet that this installment of Twilight was the best one yet. Luckily, we can also be equally cherry about her choice of outfit. Nobody else was wearing green on the red carpet that night, so she found a way to stand out while also getting into the holiday spirit a bit.

13. Kellan Lutz

One things fans didn't get to see with Kellan last night is his underwear. The actor famously posed for a Calvin Klein ad in his skivvies and many people were hoping he could just rock that look 24/7. "I've already gotten that a couple of times tonight!" he said.

14. Stephanie Meyer

Twilight author Stephanie looked like an A-list celebrity when she hit the red carpet last night. And although the trailer for her next book-turned-movie The Host has already been released, she remained in a reflective method on the Twilight empire. "I don't know what makes people love it, I don't know what makes people hate it," said Stephanie. "But I do know that the feeling of being in love is a good feeling. We want to feel that emotion."

What was your favorite red carpet outfit last night?

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