Donald Trump may not have many fans left after his controversial birther comments and insanely douchy $5 million challenge video, both intended to block Barack Obama's reelection. But Trump's kids are still on his side.

The New York Daily News recently published a report that Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric held an intervention against their father to have him chill out on the Obama bashing, expressing fear that it would ruin his reputation and the family business. But now, all three kids have come forward to say that's simply not true.

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"I totally respect @realDonaldTrump's opinions & right to articulate his views, which is what I would have told @nydailynews if they'd call me to fact check their false story," daughter Ivanka tweeted.

Eric hasn't publicly commented on the article, but Don Jr. also took to Twitter and bashed the reporting as false: "This article is nonsense, never happened, but what's news anymore if u can't make it up?"

Regardless of their political beliefs, it wouldn't be surprising if the kids held an intervention since, well, their dad employs them. If he loses business, so do they.

Do you think Trump's kids tried to put him in place?

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