We already know that Ed Sheeran is an absolute genius when it comes to songwriting. Um hello, he’s wrote for Taylor Swift and One Direction and let me tell you, his work is phenomenal. His latest magical writing was given to 1D for their acoustic love tune Little Things that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

When he took the stage for his concert in Paris, he decided to give fans a little surprise performance of a song that he called “isn’t my tune anymore.” Yup, it’s Little Things!

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Prepping the audience, he made sure it was completely silent in the room and he even stepped away from the mic to play. But once he started singing the first words, all hell broke loose. Okay that might be exaggerating a bit but people got REALLY excited.

Little Things recently took the number one spot on the U.K. singles chart last week, beating out Bruno MarsLocked Out of Heaven and Little Mix’s DNA. Think there was any bitterness between Zayn Malik and Perri Edwards?

What did you think about Ed’s rendition of Little Things? Do you like it better than 1D’s?