If you're in need of covering up a bad hair day, then this fall/winter trend we're seeing on celebrities may be for you, too!

We already know that male celebs like Justin Bieber and Russell Brand can pull off a beanie, but does it work for the ladies, as well?! This week, we're breaking down how female celebs are wearing beanie hats, even in warmer weather, and whether or not the trend can stand the test of time!

Nicole Richie

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By pairing her winter cap with an airy, floral dress, it's clear that Nicole isn't wearing her beanie for warmth! While the dress is weather appropriate for Los Angeles, she manages to still keep in season by adding a winter accessory.

Selena Gomez

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Selena takes a pretty big risk by wearing a hat to an official announcement of her partnership with Adidas, but the beanie goes perfectly with her grunge-inspired get-up for the more casual event.


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In the midst of performing for seven countries in seven days, you can't blame Rihanna for looking a bit tired and trying to use her beanie, sunglasses and sweats for a practical cause -- disgusing herself. Unfortunately, it didn't work out too well for her...


While on the east coast where it's colder, Pink looks like she actually is wearing her hat to keep warm, and it is perfectly fitting with her oversize, black scarf. However, it doesn't look like her husband Carey Hart quite got the memo.

Reese Witherspoon

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Like we've all done with scarves, regardless of the season, Reese is living by the mantra "If it matches -- wear it!" with her laid-back beanie.

Miley Cyrus

Miley's fall outfit is sending totally mixed signals! She's wearing a winter hat and turtle neck sweater... but exposing her middriff at the same time? Confused over here...

Teresa Palmer

Teresa shows us that even for a night out, a beanie can work with the right outfit and make-up! She doesn't go too overboard with either, and while you may not want to wear this to the club, the look is perfect for the concert she was attending.

Ashley Benson

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The beanie is just a simple accessory for Ashley's casual, everyday look, but even with her short hairstyle she makes it look feminine and not too grungy.

So now the question is -- will the beanie last, or just be a passing fad? Although most of these ladies are clearly wearing the trend to be fashionable and not as a winter accessory, it doesn't seem likely that this will last through next spring and summer.

We're going to rule this one a FAD, but don't worry, you've definitely got a few solid months left to get some of your own and fit in with the stylish ladies of Hollywood!

What do you think of the beanie look?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet