Barack Obama’s presidential win Tuesday night has had everyone talking nonstop about what the next four years hold for the United States. Yes, the entire night was incredibly moving, but there’s one thing we can’t get over – how fantastic did the Obama family look in their coordinating, yet stylish fashion choices?!

We’re not talking matchy-matchy outfits here. Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia’s wardrobe stole the show by pairing their election night ensembles in the perfect way without it being too overpowering. The President topped off his black suit with a silk, royal blue tie, that just so happened to match daughter Malia’s skirt and black top. The high school freshman added a little sassiness to her look with a studded pink belt and flats.

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Michelle chose one of her favorite designers, Michael Kors, and looked beautiful in a shimmering magenta dress with a black cardigan. Sasha followed her mom and wore a similar look, but had more of a youthful feel to it. She wore a green high-waisted, A-line skirt – almost matching the same shimmering look as Michelle’s dress – with a light gray cardigan, top with bow detail, necklaces galore and green flats.

We’ve practically watched Sasha and Malia grow in front of our eyes these past four years, as well as their fashion choices. So we can’t wait to see what else these two girls have in their closet for us during this next term!

What did you think of the Obama’s family’s election nights look?

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images