Another day, another frivolous pop lawsuit that has absolutely no merit.

Carly Rae Jepsen has already landed in hot water for supposedly ripping someone off in her duet with Owl City, “Good Time.” Now Ukranian artist Aza has come out of the woodwork, claiming Carly plagiarized her skanky Christmas tune “Hunky Santa.”

Watch Aza’s video and see what the similarities are.

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According to TMZ, here's what she said about the supposed plagiarism:

“I'm shocked and surprised that these people wanted to sample my lyrics on their song. They didn't ask me for permission, they just took it. That's why I filed this lawsuit. When I first heard it on the radio, I was driving and almost got into an accident. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.”

Um, really, Aza? To borrow a lyric of Carly's: "This is crazy!"

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Musically, “Call Me Maybe” and “Hunky Santa” don’t sound alike at all. Aza is obviously pointing to the line, “I’ll be your sweetest lady cane. Call me, and here is my number.” But you know what’s missing? That crucial “maybe.”

While we would like to thank the compulsive winker for directing us toward our second uproariously awful holiday-themed video of the day, we’re pretty sure she’s not going to get a dime from this “Santa” suit. (Though she’s certainly getting more attention than she would otherwise.)

Or, in more plagiaristic terms:

Dear Ava: We just met you, you seem crazy. Your lawsuit’s stupid, so drop it, maybe?

Do you think Aza could win this case?