Move over, Justin Bieber. Psy is the new king of YouTube!

The Korean performer's hit Gangnam Style has officially become the most watched video of all time on the site. Over the holiday weekend, it reached 805 million views and has since climbed to 824 million, surpassing the 803 million views that Justin's song Baby had. According to YouTube, the video is STILL viewed 7 to 10 million times per day.

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So where do you go from being the world's biggest internet phenom of 2012? Psy is reportedly gearing up to appear on China Central Television's Spring Festival gala, which takes place on the Chinese New Year's Eve and is the most watched show in the country each year. In America, his time may be winding down unless he starts recording material in English. It's a minor miracle that a song in Korean reached the top of the charts here, but to expect that consistently just isn't realistic. He'll always have Gangnam Style though.

What do you think of Psy's YouTube accolade?

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