Brace yourselves, girls and gents — Girls Season 2 is almost upon us!

Lena Dunham’s half-hour dramedy was a breakout success for HBO right out of the gate, and fans are eager to see what’s next for Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna. Now an enticing two-minute teaser gives us a hint at what we’ll see this season.

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When last we left the titular girls, Hannah had broken up with Adam and Jessa had a shotgun wedding with a near stranger. Season 2 picks up right where we left off, with Adam trying to win Hannah back — in typical, borderline-creepy Adam fashion — and Marnie dealing with a newly-single lifestyle.

With more bed-hopping, at-home dance numbers, and unflattering outfits on Hannah, we’d be lying if we said this teaser didn’t make us wish Girls was returning tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until January 13 for the Season 2 premiere.

Are you all caught up on Girls and ready for Season 2?